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At DreamerMade, we believe to have the greatest effect a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should be a blend of individuals. That's why we keep it open to anyone looking to create. From entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and aspiring creatives. We believe everyone has something unique to offer and we gladly welcome each of you. 

Organize your dream projects and take action, one step at a time.

With the community, your team, or on your own.


An online space designed for you to create, the way you do!

DreamerMade is a collaborative community designed to turn whatever you can dream up into reality. We connect makers, innovators and creatives in an easy to navigate space to partner on ideas and projects and reward you for contributing your unique skills.

Create your own stuff...  


Crowd optional

Build on your own, collaborate with a select few or create with the entire community. You call the shots and retain 100% ownership of your creations on DreamerMade.


Idea to Launch

From the book idea you just had to the product you've already launched. DreamerMade gives you the flexibility to manage the process of everything you're creating or plan to.


All types of Projects

Creative, Community, Venture and even "Pie" projects designed for us to share in the wealth. Whatever you're creating, we want to give you the space to make it happen.

Contribute to help others create... 


Show off your skill

Master of design? Computer whiz? Let your contributions do the talking and show the world what you can do. Each is reflected on your profile.


Earn rewards

Rewards? Yessir. Contribute your skills to earn bragging rights, cash, or even something unique like SWAG.


Move up in the community

The more you contribute, the higher your membership level becomes. Each new level comes with better rewards and bigger opportunities to earn money. 

Did we mention all of this is FREE? Yep, GOT'EM

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