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The world without toilet paper is a scary thought, but that horror was once real! 

So who is responsible for making this item of necessity? Depends on your idea of toilet paper.

#1 Joseph C. Gayetty

In 1857, Joseph C. Gayetty started mass producing loose, flat sheets of paper. Each sheet was medicated with aloe and even included his name...not exactly the toilet paper we're familiar with today, but I'm sure glad someone started in the right direction. 


#2 S. Wheeler

In 1871, S. Wheeler patents the "improvement wrapping paper". Apparently "toilet paper" was a little crude for that time, but things must've changed because 20 years later in 1891, Wheeler patents the "toilet paper roll".  

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Who will we credit? 

Gayetty and Wheeler are widely regarded as the pioneers of toilet paper and we'll give them that, but there's someone else we think deserves credit for the toilet paper we know today. 

The Northern Tissue Company

In 1935, The Northern Tissue Company markets its brand of toilet paper as "Splinter-Free" read that right. Back in the day using toilet paper came with a risk of splinters. Since we're no fan of terrible stuff like that, we give credit to The Northern Tissue Company as the maker of toilet paper. 

Can you make modern toilet paper the thing of the past?

It took almost 50 years for someone to realize wiping with the chance of splinters is a bad idea and come up with a solution. What improvement will someone make in the next 50 years to make toilet paper today look crazy?
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Northern Tissue photo by: The Gallery of Graphic Design