"Who does DreamerMade help?" - great question and perfect opportunity for our first blog post

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After months of developing the DreamerMade community, I'm happy to tell you it's live and now resides on the world wide web. 

I have to give a big shoutout to Sarah PaikaiKajana Movery and the Dominate Your Systems crew for calling me out this week asking me a very important question. "Who does DreamerMade help?"

Since this question is a biggie, I decided to take the opportunity to incorporate it into our first blog post. Let's do this.  

DreamerMade helps entrepreneurs and creatives alike take action on ideas and projects they're passionate about by....

  1. providing a secure online platform for capturing ideas
  2. giving members control over what they choose to do or not do with these ideas
  3. connecting members with the people and resources to bring these ideas to life (if they choose to)

The community side of DreamerMade comes into play when members invite others to contribute to their ideas and projects, which gives members the opportunity to contribute their skills and experience to bring the idea to life and earn rewards (whether it's a "thank you" or cold hard cash).

On DreamerMade ideas are in the form of projects and can be made Public, Private or Secret (depending on who you want to see it). 

There are currently three project types to choose from Creative, Community, and Venture. 

You can choose to mark any projects 'SHARED' regardless of type, which transfers ownership to the community so everyone can contribute. (This deserves it's own blog post).


I know examples make it easier to understand so I'm gonna break down what each of these project types look like in separate blog posts this week.

Until then, sign up for our blog, follow us on social media and most definitely sign up for an account on DreamerMade.com

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