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In the first blog post, I mentioned doing a separate one to dive a bit deeper into the different projects you can create on DreamerMade so let's hope I stay on topic.

On the platform, ideas are in the form of projects and when most people hear 'idea' they tend to associate it with ones having a goal to make money. Everyone gets excited about making those potentially multi-million dollar ideas real and for good reason, so what happens "if it ain't about the money"?

Different Goals = Different Types

Since our ideas generally have different goals, we've separated projects into three types:

  1. Creative - make something just because you can
  2. Community - make the world a better place
  3. Venture - make some money

Examples help me better understand things and I hope these will help get your creative juices flowing so you can start making those ideas of yours happen!   

Creative Projects

GOAL: make something just because you can

EXAMPLES: Create a Website, write a Book, produce a Movie, make that perfect Item, so much more!


Creative Example #1 The Perfect Something

Ever find yourself looking for that perfect item that doesn't seem to exist yet? You don't want to buy hundreds of it or have to make a business out of it, you just want one of those perfect items for your own personal joy! Or maybe even that item does exist, but it just doesn't quite meet your needs.  Don't settle, make it real with the help of other members by sharing exactly what you want. 

Who knows maybe someone else is looking for the same thing and has the resources to help make it real. If you'd prefer to make things move a little faster and get more participation, you can always add a reward to the steps you need help with. 

Creative Example #2 The Come Back to Later

Sometimes you may have an idea that isn't a priority, but you want to keep it on the back burner so you can remember to work on it when you can.  For example, my mom loves coca-cola memorabilia and has always wanted a vintage coca-machine. I've always wanted to find one and refurbish it for her one or buy one already finished. The last option is pricey and the first one isn't much better since they're hard to find. 

Since I don't want to roll over so easily on the idea, I added it on DreamerMade as a public Creative project. This way it's there for me to work on and others can let me know if they happen to run into an old one I can restore. Check it out. 

Community Projects

GOAL: make the world a better place

EXAMPLES: Organize a new way to fundraise, Find a cure for disease, design a system for Preventing Tsunamis , the sky's the limit!


Community Example #1 Supporting Your Favorite Causes

Let's face it, giving back feels good, but it's not always easy to make time to volunteer or have the funds to write a check to our favorite organizations. What if it was possible to create a project that supported your favorite cause whether you were local or not? Now you can with DreamerMade.

If you want to make a floating island out of recycled bottles, why not? Start planning it on DreamerMade. 

Community Example #2 Projects for your Organization

If you're already part of a community organization or nonprofit, you can utilize DreamerMade for any projects in the works or ones you are thinking of developing. Invite your constituents, volunteers and other members to join in on the projects providing feedback and support towards your mission. 

Venture Projects

GOAL: make some money

EXAMPLES: Start a Daycare, develop an App, make something New or get help with the tried and true. 

download (1).png

Venture Example #1 Product or Service

Ever have an idea for a new product or service? Maybe you're even working on one now. Speaking from experience, it's really hard to develop a product or service based business especially if you're missing the funds, expertise or general direction of the next 'best' step to take. 

On DreamerMade you can get help by getting feedback with the next step of your product or service and even find the right people to help complete those next steps for you. You're in control of the path for your business, DreamerMade just helps you make a clearer roadmap. 

Venture Example #2 The Industry Disruptor


You hear about new products and services turning industries upside down everyday. Whether it's a service allowing you to rent movies from the comfort of your own to a mobile app that gives you a personal driver (or pilot..if you have it like that great for you ) with the push of a button. These started with fairly simple concepts to solve a problem, but took action and a great many steps to make them real. 

So if you're holding back on technology or even concepts for self-driving cars to happen, please share or start working on them so you can release it to the world ; ). 

That's it folks...

Make sure to check out the blog next week where I'll be discussing 'Shared' projects and the incredible potential I believe they will have for members of the community and the world. 

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