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How many ideas do you have in a day? How about a week? Whether it's a few or a lot, how many of them can you realistically make happen? More on that in a minute. 

In the last post I talked about the different types of projects you can create on DreamerMade, each with a different goal. 

  1. Creative - make something just because you can
  2. Community - make the world a better place
  3. Venture - make some money

There are really two sides to the platform. "Shared" and "Not Shared" (if you can come up with better terms please call me!). On the "Not Shared" side you have complete control over how your projects are carried out as well as retain any and all ownership and Intellectual Property it includes regardless of the project type. 

You also have control over the visibility type and who is able to access it. 

  1. Public - Any registered member can access and contribute
  2. Private - any registered member can view project title, goal and main image, but must request to join for access and to contribute
  3. Secret (default) - all details are hidden and members must be invited by project creator for access 

"Shared" Projects

Of any of the projects you create regardless of their type, you can mark them as "Shared". When you mark them as "Shared" you are transferring ownership of the project and any Intellectual Property associated with it to the community. 

That's crazy!...right?

Yes you're right. Who would want to give away their ideas or any ownership of their projects? 

Now I come back to my earlier many [...of the ideas you have on a daily/weekly basis] can you realistically make happen? 

Think of ONE idea you have that you can basically rule out ever pursuing on your own because of lack of time, resources or you just don't care enough but still think it's a cool idea you'd like to see happen. New way nonprofits can engage volunteers? Sweet! Self-driving cars? Awesome! 

So let's go with that idea you have for a self-driving car. You think of it every time you get stuck in traffic or when a fellow driver cuts you off for no what's the first step?

You may have some idea on where to start, but my guess is you'll hit a road block at some point because let's face it, that's a really big project. 

Why share?

Instead of giving up on your idea for self-driving cars you could mark it as "Shared". When you do this a few things happen. First off ownership is transferred to the community and you are acknowledging that you are freely sharing this idea even though you may never see anything from it. 

That's a bummer right? Depends on how you look at it. When you mark your project as "Shared", you transfer ownership but give it a chance to reach it's potential. 

How? Once it's transferred, it becomes available to all members who can freely contribute their ideas, feedback and combined resources to make it grow. 

What do I get out of it? First off you will be getting it out of your head and giving it a chance to be real. Then based on your initial details you added plus any new contributions you make will give you an opportunity to be recognized for those contributions or in the case of Venture Projects, possibly receive compensation. 

Just imagine being able to contribute to different projects you're passionate about other than your own, receiving recognition and possibly even financial compensation. The opportunity to do what you love while making a living. That's my dream and I'm betting I'm not the only one. 

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