Crowdfunding VS Crowdsourcing

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"You're like Kickstarter right?"...not quite

I can't begin to list the different ways I've tried to explain DreamerMade in a way where it just clicks consistently with everyone I meet. Some of the most effective pitches to date involve me describing it as a "Crowdsourcing Community". 

The general response is "oh yeah Kickstarter right?"...not quite.

You may be asking "how is this effective in explaining DreamerMade if it's not what you do?" It's not ideal, but it gives me a good place to start explaining what DreamerMade does in comparison to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. It goes a little something like this...

There are a lot of similarities between crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

  1. Both involve the support of the crowd
  2. And can offer rewards to attract support 

The main difference:

  1. CrowdFUNDING is when a group supports a project with money.
  2. CrowdSOURCING is when a group supports a project with their skills and knowledge. 

One type is not better than the other and both offer innovative solutions to help a project reach it's full potential. 

Is there a better way to pitch DreamerMade? 

We started using the following to describe DreamerMade. Have a better way? Let us know and you will be forever known as "THE ONE". But really, we will make sure you get rewarded and recognized!  

DreamerMade is an online collaboration community that enables its users to connect with the people and tools to take action on their projects.

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