Product Updates

Notifications, project invitations + so much more

We're excited to announce our biggest update yet! We've rebuilt the DreamerMade community from scratch to make it faster and offer the features our members asked for. 

Here's what's new with DreamerMade


We figured it might be a good idea to give the community a way to talk to each other so don't be surprised if that yellow bell actually lights up. 


Project Invitations

You can now invite people to your project by name (if registered) or by email.

download (1).png

Request to Join

Now you can request to join a private project and approve or ignore those requests as a project creator. 

download (2).png

Suggested Steps

You can now suggest steps on projects where you have access and are not the owner. As project creator you can choose to make the suggested step available or not. If you do, it will be opened for other members of your project to contribute to it.


Joined Projects View

Now you can easily keep track of the projects you're a member of from your My Projects page.

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Add topics to your projects so others can find them easier + explore projects by topics you're passionate about.

Secret by Default

Projects are now automatically set to SECRET visibility when first created. You can change this at any time under your project settings.

download (3).png


Show the world how you're contributing. Contributions are automatically reflected on your profile. (More exciting features coming for contributions soon)

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Errors, feedback + all that good stuff

If you see something not working or have an idea how to make a part of the community better, add a comment here or better yet mention it on our project DreamerMade Development.