Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

What is DreamerMade?
DreamerMade is a collaborative community designed to turn whatever you can dream up into reality. We connect makers, innovators, and creatives in an easy to navigate space to partner on ideas and projects and reward you for contributing your unique skills.

Who is it for?
DreamerMade is for true innovators looking for a space to create online, with the same options they have offline a.k.a in real life.

How much does it cost?
DreamerMade is 100% free to join and access its core features. The only time you will spend a dime on DreamerMade is if you decide to bump a step or add a cash reward to a step to attract more members. 

How do you protect my intellectual property?
While nobody can 100% guarantee the protection of your intellectual property, we've added safe guards to give you peace of mind when collaborating on your projects. 

1. Secret by Default
By default, your project is Secret and only visible to you and members you invite when first created. This way you can never risk accidently sharing something you didn't mean to.

2. Be a Tease
Want to be a tease and only show a few details? Fine with us. Only show your project name, image, and goal to the public. They'll have to request to join to see all the good parts.

3. COMING SOON...NDA Protected Projects
Looking for added protection on your projects? Simply require a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before members can join. 


What can I create?
DreamerMade is flexible enough for you to create (almost) anything you can imagine. Whether you're looking to build a new product, develop a new program for your nonprofit, or create a costume for Halloween, DreamerMade is the place to start and finish. 

What's the difference between a step and a project?
Steps are similar to tasks and are used to create part of an item or accomplish a single activity i.e. Design a logo.

Projects are used to achieve a larger goal and can have many steps i.e. Build a product.

How do I invite someone to collaborate?
To invite someone to contribute to a step, click the dropdown on the top right of the step, and select invite. 

To invite someone to join a project, click the dropdown on the red button in the top right of your project, select invite, and choose to invite members already part of the community or friends by email.

How can I change who can see my step or project?
You can change the visibility of your step by clicking the icon with 3 circles on the top right and selecting "Edit".

You can change the visibility of your project under project settings which can be accessed by clicking the arrow on the red button in the top right of your project.

I started a project but I'm not seeing any activity. What's the deal?
Not seeing any activity on your project is no fun but can most likely be improved by doing one or all of the following:

1. Change Visibility
By default, your project is Secret and only visible to you when you first create it. This is to ensure you never risk sharing anything you don't want to unless you really want to. If you see it's still Secret, and want to change it, switch it to Private or Public.

2. Add More Detail

If your project is visible and you're still not seeing any activity, try adding more detail. Projects with a clear goal, description, and associated topics attract more attention.

3. Invite Friends

Another sure way to get more activity going is by inviting a friend or two to your project. Don't have any friends? That's terrible but not to worry! Invite members of the community that you think would be interested in your project.

4. Give It Time

We know this is the last thing you want to hear but if all else fails, give it a few days. With so many unique projects, it takes time for members to check them all out. Make your project the best it can be so they'll want to join your project as soon as they see it.


What are the benefits of contributing?
1. Fulfillment
Sometimes it just feels good to share your skills + knowledge to help someone else reach their goals.

2. Recognition
There's nothing wrong with wanting to get a little recognition for all that hard work you did. We understand, which is why we make sure your contributions are reflected on your profile + encourage creators to share individual feedback on your direct contribution.

3. Rewards
The two reasons before are good and all but let's face it, rewards make contributing mo'better. A little extra spending money never hurt anyone and some exclusive swag or event access is the cherry on top.

What happens to a contribution I share?
Once you share a contribution, it will be visible where you shared it and also reflected on your profile. The exception are contributions that (1) were made on your own project; (2) were made on a Secret project where the creator does not want any details shared. 

By sharing your contribution, you are doing so freely and giving permission to receiving party to use as they please.


What are points?
Points are earned when you contribute to steps and projects in the community plus other bonus opportunities.

The more points you earn, the higher your membership level.

What are levels?
Levels show who the top members are in the community. The higher the level, the more perks and privileges you'll receive.

What are perks?
Perks are our way of recognizing members for their contribution to the community. Our own perks range from swag, exclusive event access, advance notice of new features, and much more. We also partner with companies to offer you perks such as co-working spaces, business resources, and others to help you create and enjoy the journey.


What are rewards?
Rewards are an added way creators can attract contributors to participate in steps they need help with.

What's the difference between cash and unique rewards?
Cash rewards give you cold hard mulah, paper, dollah bills...

Unique rewards can be anything from swag, exclusive event access, a personal thank you, and much more.

If I win a reward, how do I get it?
Cash rewards will be transferred to your account upon completion of a step. You must earn a minimum of $20 before requesting a transfer to your bank account.

Unique rewards and the redemption of each will vary depending on the type of reward. Digital rewards will be accessible under your rewards tab in your account or will be sent to you via private message. Physical rewards such as swag will be mailed to your shipping address or available for pick up. Please read the "how to redeem" section on individual rewards for specific information.

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