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1-on-1 sessions with experts in goal setting, digital marketing, graphic design,  intellectual property, and more.

Karen Auld

Karen C. Auld is a coach, consultant, writer and inspirational speaker.  She is the WAIT Loss coach, specializing in BUT reductions.  As a corporate consultant, coach, and catalyst her mission is to help people get rid of their big BUTS and live their vision of excellence.  Karen teaches mindset and goal setting classes for entrepreneurs at colleges and via small business development centers.  Karen provides both individual and group coaching services to her clients and is a Certified Success Coach via Dr. Robert Holden. As a consultant she works with Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of management systems and environmental compliance.

Johnny Manriquez

Johnny Manriquez has built his career by helping businesses protect and monetize their intellectual property (“IP”). By acting as your company’s general counsel, Johnny can focus on the legal priorities that will scale and help you grow your business.  Whether you need help negotiating your software, technology, or collaboration agreements, Johnny can help fill the void between hiring outside counsel services and staffing up your company with full-time in house counsel services.  Even if you have in house counsel and need an expert in IP sensitive issues, Johnny can help give you the strategic coverage you need immediately.

Nadya Rousseau

A storyteller since childhood, Nadya worked as a professional actor and a freelance journalist before pivoting to digital marketing and business development. Today, Nadya has her own digital marketing agency and additionally has launched an online social media school, The Social Media Storytelling Academy. She also is a columnist for Honeysuckle Magazine, where she interviews entrepreneurs on the impact they’re making in the world.  To date, Nadya has worked with clients ranging from startups, to nationally recognized law firms, to nonprofits (including Women Like Us Foundation), to entertainers and more.

Ryan Dean

Ryan Dean is the Founder + CEO of DreamerMade and a dreamer at heart. Ryan has a proven ability to create and implement innovative yet sustainable solutions for both businesses and nonprofits. He has extensive experience in graphic + web design from a mix of self-taught and formal education and is passionate about helping others get on the right path to make their ideas real.

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